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Back when I first started my blog I randomly followed this one Sicilian guy on tumblr, mostly for his blog but also for his perfect bearded face. Around two years ago we started talking about a Bonobo gig where I was going, and after that I guess you can say we never really stopped. He was crazy enough to come meet me from Florence to Berlin where I still didn’t even have a place to stay yet, but where I was moving to from Finland anyway only a day before his arrival… and ever since then it’s been a weird-ass road and sometimes rollercoaster together through many countries, flats, ups and downs, and also situations most standard twenty-something couples probably wouldn’t even dare to imagine. 

I’m in Sicily now, in his teenage room surrounded by The Smiths posters, a horror VHS collection, Bukowski and photography books and all kinds of cool geeky collectibles, and it’s funny to think I’m occupying a space which is such a big part of him, and he’s still in Finland in our tiny shitty apartment which we’ve shared for the part six months. He’s gonna fly here tonight too, and we’re gonna eat his mom’s lasagna until the verge of death. 

It’s funny where life leads you, and how. And especially where in our case. We’re heading towards a new adventure in a month’s time again, likely in Scotland. Blindly jumping into a new place and life has never stopped being scary, even after having done it several times already - but as far as I know that this handsome geek is by my side, I’ll embrace the not-knowing. And as for now, I’ll just keep enjoying the smell of Mamma’s lasagna and caponata coming from the kitchen. 


Marilyn Minter


by Jolan Kieschke





Fear is nonacceptance of what is. —J. Krishnamurti

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